white tea

what is white tea and where to buy

White tea is just like green tea and black tea that you are most probably aware of. It starts life in the same way, growing in tea growing areas on the Camellia sinensis plant. Generally, the same leaves are extracted from this plant; what is done to the leaves is want will determine if you will have black tea, white or green tea in the end. What is essential in the process of making your white tea is timing the right leaves and buds. The pickers have to time the leaves and buds before they fully develop.

White tea is called so because of the new leaves, and fresh buds that are used to make it are usually covered in hairs that are white to protect them. Picking of buds and leaves used to make white tea can be made in a couple of weeks per year. During the winter months, the bushes lie dormant. Immediately the springs arrive, a picker needs to act so first by picking the tips of the plant as soon as they appear.

The other thing that makes white tea unique is that it is treated very gently and goes through the least stages of processing of all different types of tea. It is therefore believed to be having high levels of antioxidant. White tea has been traditionally used to help with weight loss, be kind to your skin, and in treating various types of diseases. White tea may sound like a unique type of beverage, but it has all the same clipper qualities as other types of drinks. It is fair, natural, and delicious. White tea comes in different fruit-flavored forms like zesty lemon and raspberry and other herbal variations like vanilla and peppermint.

Benefits of drinking white tea

white tea benefits

White tea has several benefits to our body; if you are that person who has never tried taking white tea; it is high time you try it from today. The benefits of making white tea include;

1. Antioxidants

White tea is known to be rich in antioxidants. It contains polyphenols in the form of catechins. Polyphenols are molecules that act as an antioxidant in the human body. They play a critical role in protecting your body cells from damage by some compounds known as free radicals. When your body has a high number of free radicals, it can have harmful effects on your body, such as aging, weakened immune system, chronic inflammation, and other types of dangerous diseases. White tea has come out as one the best remedy for fighting free radicals.

Reduces risks of heart disease

The other benefit of white tea is its ability to reduce the risks of heart disease. Heart disease has emerged as one of the leading causes of death. Polyphenols found in white tea can be used to minimize the chance of heart diseases in various ways like boosting body immunity and making your blood vessels to relax.

Losing weight

Green tea has been known for helping in weight loss. White tea can also be used to reduce weight as it contains the same amounts of compounds for lowering weight loss like green tea.

Removes bacteria from your teeth

White tea contains fluoride, tannins, and catechins. These molecules help in strengthening your teeth by fighting sugar and bacteria levels.

White tea can’t go bad easily, but it can get stale. To make sure you are getting the best White tea that is fresh, you must buy it from a reputable seller or company that can tell you how the drink was made and even packaged. White tea is very delicate and should be handled with great care. It can remain fresh for a long period of up to a year if stored properly.

Best places to buy white tea

Most tea lovers will tell you tea bags are not the best option of infusing tea. This is usually the case with white tea. It needs to be handled gently and not crushed in the process of preparing your white tea. If you want to get the best taste of white tea, you need to look for one with loose leaves. It is difficult to come to a cross loose leaf tea in your local tea shop. This means to find the best white tea, you will need to get it from a specialized shop or store.

If you are not in a position to get loose leave white tea from your local seller of the shop, you will be left with the only option of getting it from an online shop. Finding a reliable source of white tea can be challenging even for those people with experience. When you are buying it online, it becomes difficult to check on the quality of the tea and know precisely what you are buying. You don’t need to worry anymore; we have compiled the best tips to help you chose the right white tea from your online store.


Don’t be scared of high prices. A good quality white tea is most likely to be expensive compared to black tea. By comparing the prices of white tea to that of other types of tea, it can give you an idea of how good white tea is.

Don’t be quick to pay

Make sure you are paying a high price to something that is of high quality. Make sure the seller has the evidence of the high quality of the product to back it up. It must also have the history and the details of the farmer who supplies it.

Check how the tea was grown

This is another factor you need to look for when you are buying white tea online. The seller must provide details of how the tea is grown, with step by step information on what is done at each stage. The location where it is grown matters a lot.

White tea is not only a flavored and delicious type of tea, but it is got some compounds that keep your body healthy when you take it. Don’t let the high price keep you off and the fact that it is a rare type of tea. Try white tea today and you will find it to be the best beverage you’ve ever taken.